Nuwan Jaliyagoda

198/8, Kesselwatta Road, Sinhapitiya, Gampola, Sri Lanka

I'm a Computer Engineering Graduate from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and currently work as a Software Engineer at Rhino Partners.

I'm interested in IoT, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Full Stack Web Development and Computer-Aided Designing and Manufacturing.


University of Westminster, United kingdom

MSc. in Advanced Software Engineering
September 2023 - Present

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

BSc. (Hons) Computer Engineering
January 2017 - September 2021
1st Class with Honors | GPA: 3.8/4.0

Dharmaraja College, Kandy, Sri Lanka

G.C.E. A/L (Physical Science)
2013 - 2015
Physics(A), Combined Maths(B), Chemistry(A)
Z-Score: 2.0031 | Country Rank: 779
Certificate Courses
  • Control of Mobile Robots  by Georgia Institute of Technology [Certificate]
  • Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform  by Google Cloud [Certificate]
  • Google Cloud Platform  Qwiklab Quests [Profile]
  • Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore  by Google AR & VR [Certificate]
  • 3D Printing Hardware  by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [Certificate]
  • Design a mobile app interface with Moqups  by Coursera Project Network [Certificate]
  • Digital Manufacturing & Design  by University at Buffalo and The State University of New York [Certificate]


Senior Software Engineer
Software Engineer

At Rhino Partners
2023 August - Present
2022 August - 2023 July

I'm currently working as a Software Engineer at Rhino Partners, a Singapore-based tech company focused on Full-Service Provider of Custom Software Development and Data Science for Fintech

Temporary Instructor

At Unversity of Peradeniya
2021 September - 2022 August

I worked as a Temporary Instructor (Teaching Assistant) in the Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya. During that time I conducted laboratory classes, tutorial classes, and sessions for the undergraduate students, was a mentor for several student projects as well as contributed to the Department Development projects.

Trainee Software Engineer

At LiveRoom (Pvt) Ltd
2021 April - 2021 Auguest

I got the opportunity to work on developing an IoT based smart GreenHouse Automation system This included building both back-end and front-end systems as well as implementing firmware for Hardware Units.


Since 2015

I worked as a freelance Telco App developer in Dialog Ideamart and Mobitel mSpace Telco platforms. There I was able to develop 300+ Telco Applications for 60+ service providers.

Technical Blog Writer

2016 - 2018

Extra-Curricular Activities
2022 Member, Web Consultation Team, University of Peradeniya
2019-2020 Member, ACES Web Team, University of Peradeniya
2019 Mentor (Technical), Dialog App Challenge 2018-19
2018 Committee Member, Hackers’ Club, University of Peradeniya
2018 Agent of Influence, Global Ambassador Network Program, Dialog Ideamart
2014-2015 President, Society of Information and Communication Technology, Dharmaraja College, Kandy
2008-2009 Member, Young Inventors Club, Dharmaraja College, Kandy


  • Programming Languages (Fluent)

    C, Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Python, MATLAB

  • Programming Languages (Familiar)

    Visual Basic, C++, Verilog HDL

  • Web Developing

    HTML5, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap, React, Laravel, Express, React, Vue, NPM

  • Hardware Oriented Programming

    Arduino, NodeMCU, PIC, Raspberry Pi, STM32, PLC

  • Database Systems

    MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite

  • Mobile Development

    Apache Cordova, Framework7

  • PCB Designing

    Proteus, EagleCAD, Fritzing

  • Version Control/Management

    Git, GitHub, GitLab

  • Computer-Aided Designing

    SolidWorks, AutoCAD, 3D Max, Inventor HSM

  • Graphics / Video Editing

    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects

  • Office Packages

    Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access

Selected Projects

  • All
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Research
  • Web
  • Networking
  • Database
  • IoT
Smart Inventory Management System
for Department of Computer Engineering (Ongoing)
2022 | Open Source
Technologies: PHP, Laravel, Bootstrap, MySQL, GitHub
Contribution: Designing, Developing, Project Manager
Web Systems
Open API Portal for Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya
2022 | Open Source
Technologies: Jekyll, Python, REST, GitHub
Contribution: Designing, Developing, Team Leader
Web Systems
Mixed Reality based Simulation Platform
Final Year Research Project
2020 | Open Source
Technologies: NodeJS, MQTT, three.js
Contribution: Hardware and communication protocol designing, Implementation of the Nodes, Team Leader
Research Hardware Networking
CNC based pick and place arm
for remote automated PLC Labs
2020 | Open Source
Technologies: AVR, Marlin, MQTT, Numerical Code, CNC, CAD
Contribution: Hardware and CAD model design, Designing numerical instruction, Team Leader
Hardware IoT
Greenhouse Automation System with IoT Sensor Network
For Agricultural Biotechnology Center, University of Peradeniya - Ongoing
Technologies: ESP32, MQTT, C++, NodeJS, Industrial Automation
Contribution: Design and develop the whole system under guidance from the domain experts
IoT Networking
Smart Trash Collection System
Software level solution for Urban Areas
Technologies: PHP, JavaScript with React, MySQL, Bootstrap, Agile Methodology
Contribution: Developing and designing the backend API, Team Leader
Software Database Web
A GUI for Controlling and Supervising Multiple Robots Remotely
3rd Year Embedded Systems Project
2019 | Open Source
Technologies: REST APIs, Web Sockets, C++, NodeJS
Contribution: Hardware design of the robot, developing the WebSocket interface, Team Leader
Hardware Networking Web
Pera Knowledge Hub
Web Portal for University Student Projects with full-text search
Technologies: Java, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, ElasticStack, SpringBoot
Contribution: Design and develop database and frontend web interface, Team Leader
Software Web
SAP-I, 8-bit Bus Organized Computer
A basic programmable computer by only using simple logic ICs
2018 | Open Source
Technologies: Digital Logic Design, PCB Designing and Fabrication
Contribution: Designing RAM, Instruction Register, Control Unit and Output Display, Fabricating the PCBs
Student Attendance Portal
Database Project for updating student attendance of the university
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery
Contribution: Designing the Database, Frontend development, Team Leader
Software Database Web
Multi-purpose CNC Milling Machine
3-axis Computer Numerically controlled machine
Technologies: Computer Numerical Control, Electronic Design
Contribution: Designing and manufacturing - Individual project
DDMS - Database Management System
For School Science Section - A/L Group Project
Technologies: C#, MS-SQL
Contribution: Requirement analysis, Designing the database, System designing
Database Software

Awards & Certifications

  • Emerging Innovator of the Year - 2018 (2018)
    Google IO Extended - Sri Lanka
  • Winner - IEEE R10 HTC Products Competition (2018)
    For Non-intrusive Infant Sleep Apnea Detection System
  • 1st Place, Undergraduate Category - Dialog App Challenge (2017)
    Undergraduate Category
  • Winner - ACES Hackathon, UoP (2019)
    Environment and Sustainability Category
  • Top 14 Innovators - HackADev (2018)
    United Nations Development Program, Sri Lanka
  • 1st Place - Emerging Innovator - Team biteCode (2018)
    SLIIT Codefest 2018
  • Country Rank 21st - IEEEXtreme 13.0 (2019)
    Team HashInclude (Global Rank 433th)
  • 1st Runners-up - Dialog NB-IoT Hackathon (2018)
    Sri Lanka’s first NB-IoT Hackathon organized by Dialog Axiata
  • 2nd Place - Network & Systems Category (2017)
    ACES Hackathon, UoP
  • 4th Place - Sri Lankan Robotics Challenge (2018)
    University category
  • 4th Place - LetMeHack v2.0 (2020)
    University of Sabaragamuwa
  • 1st Place - Sri Lanka Robotics Challenge (2015)
    All-island - School category
  • 2nd Place - IESL RoboGames (2015)
    All-island - School category
  • 1st Place-School & Overall Best Telco App - Dialog App Challenge (2014)
  • 4th Place - International Schools' Software Competition (2014)
    Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai, India
  • 3rd Place - Inventors Competition (2008)
    Young Inventors' Society, Dharmaraja College


  • System Engineering
  • Web and Hybrid Mobile Application Developing
  • Industrial Automation
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Computer-Aided Designing and Manufacturing

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