Nuwan Jaliyagoda

ESP32 SharpIR Library

ESP32 library to interface with SharpIR sensors

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An Arduino library for ESP32 development board that can measure distance from an analog Sharp IR sensor.

Currently supports:

  • GP2Y0A21YK0F
  • Adding the library to the sketch
#include <ESP32SharpIR.h>
  • Creating an instance
SharpIR sensorName(sensorModel, sensorPin);

sensorName : the name of the object
sensorModel : the model code of the sensor (e.g. GP2YA41SK0F)
sensorPin : the analog pin where the sensor Vout pin is attached

  • Acquiring data
sensorName.getDistance( avoidBurstRead );
sensorName.getRawDistance( avoidBurstRead );

avoidBurstRead : can be true or false

  • Apply a filter
sensorName.setFilterRate(float rate);

rate : a value from the range from 0.01 to 0.99. 0.01 equal to sampling 100 values and getting the average.

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