University of Peradeniya

BSc. Computer Engineering, 1st Class with Honors | GPA: 3.8/4.0

Sri Lanka
January 2017 - September 2021
Dharmaraja College

G.C.E. A/L (Physical Science), Physics(A), Combined Maths(B), Chemistry(A)
Z-Score: 2.0031 | Country Rank: 779

Kandy, Sri Lanka
2013 - 2015

Work Experience

Temporary Instructor At Unversity of Peradeniya

I'm working as a temporary instructor in the Department of Computer Engineering, UoP. I'm conducting laboratory classes, tutorial classes, and sessions for the undergraduate students as well as contributing to the department development projects.

2021 September - Present
Trainee Software Engineer At LiveRoom (Pvt) Ltd

I got the opportunity to work on developing an IoT based smart GreenHouse Automation system This included building both back-end and front-end systems as well as implementing firmware for Hardware Units.

2021 April - Auguest

I worked as a freelance Telco App developer in Dialog Ideamart and Mobitel mSpace Telco platforms. There I was able to develop 200+ Telco Applications for 50+ service providers.

Since 2015
Technical Blog Writer

2016 - 2018


Smart Inventory Management System   
for Department of Computer Engineering (Ongoing) | Web, Systems

Technologies: PHP, Laravel, Bootstrap, MySQL, GitHub
Contibution: Designing, Developing, Project Manager

Open API Portal for Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya | Web, Systems

Technologies: Jekyll, Python, REST, GitHub
Contibution: Designing, Developing, Team Leader

Mixed Reality based Simulation Platform   
Final Year Research Project | Research, Hardware, Networking

Technologies: NodeJS, MQTT, three.js
Contibution: Hardware and communication protocol designing, Implementation of the Nodes, Team Leader

CNC based pick and place arm   
for remote automated PLC Labs | Hardware, IoT

Technologies: AVR, Marlin, MQTT, Numerical Code, CNC, CAD
Contibution: Hardware and CAD model design, Designing numerical instruction, Team Leader

Greenhouse Automation System with IoT Sensor Network   
For Agricultural Biotechnology Center, University of Peradeniya - Ongoing | IoT, Networking

Technologies: ESP32, MQTT, C++, NodeJS, Industrial Automation
Contibution: Design and develop the whole system under guidance from the domain experts

Smart Trash Collection System   
Software level solution for Urban Areas | Software, Database, Web

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript with React, MySQL, Bootstrap, Agile Methodology
Contibution: Developing and designing the backend API, Team Leader

A GUI for Controlling and Supervising Multiple Robots Remotely   
3rd Year Embedded Systems Project | Hardware, Networking, Web

Technologies: REST APIs, Web Sockets, C++, NodeJS
Contibution: Hardware design of the robot, developing the WebSocket interface, Team Leader

Pera Knowledge Hub   
Web Portal for University Student Projects with full-text search | Software, Web

Technologies: Java, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, ElasticStack, SpringBoot
Contibution: Design and develop database and frontend web interface, Team Leader

SAP-I, 8-bit Bus Organized Computer   
A basic programmable computer by only using simple logic ICs | Hardware

Technologies: Digital Logic Design, PCB Designing and Fabrication
Contibution: Designing RAM, Instruction Register, Control Unit and Output Display, Fabricating the PCBs

Student Attendance Portal   
Database Project for updating student attendance of the university | Software, Database, Web

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery
Contibution: Designing the Database, Frontend development, Team Leader

Multi-purpose CNC Milling Machine   
3-axis Computer Numerically controlled machine | Hardware

Technologies: Computer Numerical Control, Electronic Design
Contibution: Designing and manufacturing - Individual project

DDMS - Database Management System   
For School Science Section - A/L Group Project | Database, Software

Technologies: C#, MS-SQL
Contibution: Requirement analysis, Designing the database, System designing