BSc. Computer Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering
University of Peradeniya


Semester 3

Digital Design A+
Programming Methodology A+
Computer Communication Networks I A+
Network Analysis C
Mathematics III A-
Discreet Mathematics A+

Semester 4

Computer Architecture A
Software Construction A+
Database Systems A
Electronics I A
Mathematics IV B
Numerical Methods A-

Semester 5

Embedded Systems A+
Data Structures and Algorithms A
Computer Communication Networks II A
Network and Web Application Design A
Computer and Network Security A+
Electronics II B

Semester 6

Computer Systems Engineering: Industrial Networks A+
Operating Systems N/A
Software Engineering N/A
Advanced Embedded Systems A+
Advanced Database Systems A+
Machine Learning and Data Mining A
Signal Processing B-


Hardware Software Networking Web Designing Electronic Mathematics

Last Update: 2020/12/04